Monday, 9 May 2016

Fubuki Daiko as the Artist in the School

Playing the drums was so much fun! -Emma
It was fun watching us do our concert. -Ben
Fubuki Daiko is the best! -Raymond
Thank you for teaching us to do the Japanese drumming. -Olivia
I really liked when they performed. -Colton
I had a good time drumming. -Benjamin
The music sounded really good. -Erin
It was fun. -Cameron

Thursday, 17 March 2016

We love to read books!

We ordered new books because we reached our reading goal. -Olivia

We got new books and everyone liked them. -Taylor

We got new books and there is 27. - Raymond

Our favourite ones were probably the Paw Patrol and Bad Kitty. -Sam

They were for I Love to Read Month and we liked them. -Emma

We got the books on St. Patrick's Day. -Zajac

The books are really fun to read. -Erin

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

I Love to Read

Frankie Hollywood came here to read to us for I love to Read month. -Ben

It was fun to hear us on the radio! -Jacob

He was the best! - Raymond

It was fun to see all the famous people that Frankie met. -Taylor

It was fun to see his 3 puppies. -Sam

Eva Kovacs came to read to us. We were on TV - Olivia

Brian Barkly is Wyatt's grandpa and he came to read to us. -Jenna

He works for the radio station. -Jacob

Nolan read a book and his mom read a book. - Erin
Nolan read, Pete the Cat at the beach and it was my favourite book. -Cameron

Thank you to all the guest readers who came to read to our school!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Star of the Week and Travelling Pete

Next week we will be starting Star of the Week in our class! Each week, one child will be chosen to be the Star of the Week.
On Friday, your child will bring home Travelling Pete. Help your child write about what they did with Pete and then take a picture with Pete or draw a picture of Pete.
Return Pete on Monday along with a photo of your child, their favourite book, and an item for the mystery box. Your child will be sharing these items during the week. All items will be returned.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

We have mealworms!

We know they have 6 legs. -Raymond

We know that mealworms are sometimes black and sometimes brown. -Ben

They turn in to darkling beetles. -Taylor

Mealworms are insects. -Jacob

Students can take home beetles once all the mealworms have undergone metamorphosis if they bring in a container to take them in. - Ms. Yeats